We've asked coaches for feedback, here are some of the replies we got:

Rick (Illinois)

Hey there!
I wanted to let you know what a fantastic website you
have created for independent instructors like myself.
Last year jumpstarted my private lessons
and this season, even with my reduced availability, your site
has allowed me to double my number of clients.
Thanks for such an effective and easy-to-use website!
Warm regards,

Jason (Singapore)

Hi Tomer,
Yes everything is fine. Thank you for your reply.
Your site has generated interest in my tennis program.
It has resulted in a number of new students.
All the best,

Manny PTR (Ohio / Kentucky)

Hello Tomer: Several of our new students heard about us first through
Your site has been particularly helpful attracting students outside of our immediate area.

Brett USPTA P-1 (California)

Hey, your site is WORKING FOR ME! I have picked up three new clients in the last week.
One of the difficulties being an independent professional at a public park, compared to
a country club, there is no membership roster. Also, the expose at a public park is much
less and "membership traffic" is nonexistent.
So your site has provided the power of a larger group which has made it easier for students
to find me while "google searching". Thank you and please keep up the good work...

Steve USPTA (New York)

I LOVE your website, and it has already brought a client to me, so I am very grateful that your
site exists...I hope many more clients will come along as a result of my post !!!

Thank you also for being so responsive to me. It is nice to see someone so interested in putting out the best possible product...and I believe you have.
Thank you for all that you have done, not only to help me, but to help the entire tennis-loving community...please keep up the GREAT work !!!

Abhit - M.D (California) is a nice initiative to club coaches & pros from across the world under one
common platform for a easy search. It facilitates an easy comparison of teachers by laymen in
terms of experience, substance & prices. I think it was sorely needed & it will be a boon in
the future for people passionate about learning the game of tennis well.

Susan USPTA/USPTR/Cardio Tennis (Florida)

Hi Tomer,

Yes, I have received several inquiries. If I haven't been able to help them,
I have been able to direct them to programs that will.

I anticipate meeting at least 3 adults and perhaps some kids when my next
series of clinics start in October in Boynton Beach.

Melissa USTA Member (Georgia)

Hello Tomer,

We have received about 4 calls and inquiries about lessons.
We hope to turn them into clients.
How many views have I gotten from your site and clicks to my website?

Gary USPTA/USPTR (Florida)

Hi, we seem to get new students every week. I don't know where they are
finding out about us. Maybe we should ask. Thank you for your service.

Ruth (Georgia)

Yes, we have had a few inquiries and have gained two or three new students from the site.
I think it is beginning to gain more attention!

Thank you!

Amy (Kentucky)

Hello Tomer,
Yes I have received quite a few inquires as well setting up multi
lessons. I think the site has been great. I am glad I had the
opportunity to take advantage of it this summer. Thanks !

Ryan (Texas)

it is hard for me to say exactly how the new clients thru the internet find me.
b/c i have several ads and websites im registered with.... sorry.
yes, i have been getting lots of new clients, but i cant say exactly where they come from.

Eric (Maryland)

To better streamline our marketing campaigns, we'll be sending out a survey
to our clients shortly asking how they came across us. Even without the
information, I think it is safe to say that we have -it is a great service!
Let me know if I can be of any help.