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Date: March 3, 2015, 7:28 p.m.
City: Honolulu (Hawaii)
Season: Year Round

Holistic Tennis


This is a departure from/alternative to conventional tennis - It's Holistic Tennis! This new, innovative kind of tennis is quite revolutionary in nature I feel, as it is largely characterized by non-competitveness and non-aggressiveness, co-operation and spirituality.

The foundation of the Holistic philosophy is based on simplicity-- the rally. The rally is king. The rally teacheth and the rally traineth. Therefore keepin the rally "alive" is paramount and central.

The primary idea and focus here is to work with your partner (or partners) to have a wonderful time, steer clear of injury (and avert re-aggravating old injuries!) as well get a great workout, all the while working on developing superior technique, rhythm and feel. Feeeeel free to be in touch certianly if this piques your interest at all. 8 ) have a blessed one.

text or call: 734-686-1299


corey Photo of Holistic Tennis