Tennis Lessons in Shanghai, Florida

We are looking for a tennis coach to teach kids in Shanghai. This job is part-time on weekends. *** Responsibilities***- Coach kids in the fundamentals and games of Tennis.- Interact with kids through interesting teaching methods such as games.- Give basic English language instructions. **...
I am a French tennis coach, I like to teach all ages et and all levels (beginners don't be shy there is no age to improve your skills!). Come play, have fun and progress !
Tennis requires you to use almost all your body’s muscles. It is often thought as an upper-body sport due to the swinging of the racket but your leg muscles, including your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, are doing most of the work out on the court. It also requires several bursts of short-distance running. Tennis is also a great remedy for stress. If you’ve had a tough day at school or work, there’s no...

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