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Date: April 18, 2014 1:00 am
City: Studio City  (California)
Season: Year Round

** Tennis LosAngeles: Summer Programs are open for enrollment. **
Metro LA, Westside, Valley's Tennis League

Our players are coming back season after season because they know they are being connected with dedicated tennis players who want to get out on the courts to play.
Tennis Los Angeles is connecting tennis players on the courts throughout Westside Beaches, WestLA, Downtown, San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley.

Tennis Line-Up:

Non-League Play:
 Tennis Partner Program - Open - $9 to $19

 Tennis Ladder - Open - $9 to $19

League Play:
Spring Season # 2 - April 9th to June 1st - Open - $29.95 if you sign up thru Kickoff.

Spring Doubles - April 8th to June 1st - Open - $25 if your teams signs up thru June, $19.95 for partner matching

Summer Season - June 17th to August 10 - Open - $29.95 if you sign up thru April 

    Summer Doubles - June 10th to August 10th - Open - $25 if your teams signs up thru June, $19.95 for partner matching

Fall Season # 1 - Aug. 20th to Oct. 12th

Fall Season # 2 - Oct. 21th to Dec. 14th

Fall Doubles- Aug. 20th to Oct. 19th - $25 for team enrollment. $19.95 for partner matching

Programs are open for enrollment. Join Today:

Instructors or Players looking for tennis instructors check out our Tennis Lessons program:

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Over 13,500+ of matches played since the inception of the league:

We also offer a less competitive ONGOING tennis partner program:

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TennisLosAngeles's objectives:
** To provide useful data about good outdoor tennis courts
** To filter out the players who are not truly committed to playing you
** Offer structured playoff tennis for the players who qualify by winning 5 matches during the season. The winners get a trophy and the much-anticipated internet glory.
** The most responsive service to your questions through email