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Date: September 22, 2014 4:00 am
City: Philadelphia  (Pennsylvania)
Location: Metro Philadelphia
Season: Year Round

 ** TennisPhilly: Summer Programs are open for enrollment. **

** Metro Philadelphia Tennis League **

Tennis Philly is connecting tennis players on the courts in these playing regions: Montgomery County, Chester County, West Philly, Bucks County, NorthEast Philly, Philly City & New Jersey.

2014 Tennis Line-Up:
Non-League Play:
 Partner Program & Tennis Ladder - Open - $9 to $19 depending on the purchase.

League Play:
 Summer Season - Just started to Aug. 17th - $34.95 for the season
 Summer Doubles- July 29th to Sept. 28th - $25 for team enrollment, $19.95 for partner matching.
 Fall Season - Aug. 27th to Oct. 19th - $29.95 if you sign up through July

Go here and join any of our programs!

Instructors or Players looking for tennis instructors check out our Tennis Lessons program:

We have 7,200+ matches and 8+ years of experience connecting Philadelphia Tennis players.

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This is how the primary league works:

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League’s objectives:
** To provide you with a minimum of 6 and hopefully up to 14 different players in your area to play tennis.
** To provide useful data about good outdoor tennis courts
** To filter out the players who are not truly committed to playing you
** Offer structured playoff tennis for the players who qualify by winning 5 matches during the season. The winners get a trophy and much-anticipated internet glory.
** The most responsive service to your questions through email.