News, Updates, and Announcements

Happy New Year (01/01/10)
We would like to wish all of the coaches and students who visit
and use our site a very happy new year, best of luck to all of you.

We hope to continue on growing this year, and bring you even more
coaches and clubs in more cities and coutries across the world.

2009 Tennis Teachers Conference and US Open (09/15/09)
We had a table at the resource center in the USTA Tennis Teachers
Conference this year, it was a great opportunity to meet new coaches
and many coaches that are already on our site, which had only good
things to say about

We'd like to thank all the coaches we met and a special thanks to Denny Schacter
founder of for his help, and Joe Cockerham from the
USNTA for including in the USNTA newsletter.

We've also been to the US open for a few day & night sessions, and got to
some really great and exciting matches, you can check out photos from
the USTA TTC and the US Open in our photos page.

Successful Server Switch (08/22/09)
Our server has been experiencing unusually frequent downtime lately.
It seems that someone on our shared host has been overloading it.
Last night we moved to a different server, which already is noticeably
faster, and hopefully will have less downtime or overloading.
We always to try to serve you (students and coaches) better
and we hope you will enjoy a faster and better service.

2009 US Open Ticket Giveaway Winners... (08/15/09)
The winners of our 2009 US Open ticket giveaway are:
1 pair on Fri Sep 11th 11AM (Men's semi finals)  - Richard Nolan (Chicago).
2 pairs on Tue Sep 1st 7PM (2nd night session)  - Tanza Pettiford (New York) and Tamie Kondoff (Powel, OH).
We'd like to thank everyone who entered and congratulate the winners! Enjoy....

USTA Tennis Teachers Conference (08/04/09)
You can come visit us this year at the Resource Center of the
USTA Tennis Teachers Conference which is held in New York City.
We'll be happy to answer any questions or just say hello....

2009 US Open Ticket Giveaway! (07/08/09)
You can enter our 2009 US Open Ticket Giveaway!
You have a chance to win one of 3 pairs of tickets for the 2009 US Open.
1 pair for the men semis, and 2 pairs for the second night session.
Drawing will be held on August 10th.

Long Overdue Update (06/14/09)
We have been very busy lately, on and off the court...
More and more coaches and clubs are joining our site, which now
stands at more than 1,400 ads in 410 cities across 36 coutries.
Traffic to our site has been on the rise as well, we've reached
more than 1,000 daily unique visitors, with an average of 750.
We are working on new features, for coaches and students as we
always try to make the tennis search experience easier and better.

Tennis Tips from the pros (11/23/08)
We are pleased to offer a new "Tennis Tips from the Pros" section
of helpful information, tips, drills, videos and common mental mistakes.
they were all contributed by the coaches on our site, and we'll keep the
section growing with their help, so check back...

Help Us Grow (10/01/08)
We are always trying to reach new coaches and pros to meet
with the growing demand for lessons on our site.
You can help us "spread the word" by doing any of the following:
Print our Flyer, and hang it in your local court or club.
Join our Facebook group, and invite your friends.
Email your friends and let them know about us.

Dedicated Web Addresses (09/14/08)
We have started offering Dedicated Web Addresses.
Coaches and clubs can get their own
It's a great solution for those who want the benefits of having
their own dedicated address, without paying a lot for hosting.
For more information look for the Dedicated Web Address link from your account.

FREE Statistics (09/09/08)
Our Statistics page is now FREE for all coaches.
Find out how many people visit your post and city,
and see what they are doing in your post (click on
links, print coupons, send emails, etc...).
It can also show you the potential student base in your city.

Photos & Events (08/28/08)
We've been to the recent USTA Tennis Teachers Conference
as well as the US Open, and would like to share some
pictures of those events. Check out the new "Photos & Events"
page, and stay tuned for updates in the future.

Featured Ads (08/11/08)

We've heard from many coaches who want to get more exposure,
and now they can stand out and increase their visibility.

Featured Ads are small pictures (automatically resized to 120 X 100)
that always appear on the right side of each city page, and
are available to all registered coaches.

Click image to enlarge Has Become The Leading Place To Find Tennis Lessons Online (07/09/08)
We've just put out our second Press Release.
Get a copy of it here.

Keeping Coaches and Club Information Up to Date (06/24/08)
We know that many coaches move around, switch clubs, as well as
change email and website addresses.
We're working hard to make sure that all coaches are still giving
lessons, and that all their information is up to date.
Since the number of coaches and clubs on our site is growing and
having correct contact information is our top priority, we will
start removing posts for coaches who are not responsive.

Enhanced Statistics Page (04/06/08)
We've added more details to our Statistics page, you can now find out
where each visitor came from (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc...), and also where
they are located (using two free 3rd party websites).
Sample "Visitor Statistics Page" in New York City, NY (Mar 29 - Apr 05, 2008).
Sample "Visitor Statistics Page" in Los Angeles, CA (Mar 29 - Apr 05, 2008).
Sample "Visitor Statistics Page" in Atlanta, GA (Mar 29 - Apr 05, 2008).
Sample "Visitor Statistics Page" in Sydney, AU (Mar 29 - Apr 05, 2008).
Sample "Visitor Statistics Page" in Calgary, CA (Mar 29 - Apr 05, 2008).
Sample "Visitor Statistics Page" in London, UK (Mar 29 - Apr 05, 2008).

Discount Coupons (03/10/08)
We've just added the option to offer discount coupons to students.
Some coaches have already added them, look for a next
to a post title to know it has a coupon inside.

Student Reviews (01/16/08)
We've just added the option to get reviewed by students (for registered users)
Getting reviews on your posts can help you get more new students, it is a
great way to share success stories of current students with potential new ones.
To enable this service, login to your account and click on Student Reviews

Refer a Coach / Seasonal Posts (12/29/07)
For every coach you refer to our site (that registers and posts an ad), you will
receive a 30 day access to our statistics page (make sure they enter your email
address, under How did you find us when they register).
We've also added an option for a "Seasonal post", you can choose which months
you want your post to be active, so you don't have to delete and re-post it.

Progress Update (11/14/07)
We've grown pretty fast, to over 650 posts, in more than 240 cities, across 28 countries.
Everyday we're helping more people find lessons in their city all over the world.
We're also receiving good feedback from coaches and clubs, which is why
we've added a "Testimonials Page".

Sample Statistics Page (10/14/07)
Many coaches have started using our Statistics page, and found it very useful.
Here are a few samples of city Statistics, if you want to see Statistics for your
post or city, just login to your account and click on the Statistics page.
"Visitor Statistics Page" in New York City (Oct 7-13, 2007).
"Visitor Statistics Page" in Los Angeles (Oct 1-7, 2007).
"Visitor Statistics Page" in Atlanta (Sep 1-7, 2007).

Spreading the Word... (09/26/07)
We're working hard on getting more coaches and clubs to post on our site.
We've recently been in the ITF Newsletter, TennisWeek magazine and Racquet Sports Industry.
If you know any coaches that are looking for new students, please let them know about our site.

New Services Added (08/21/07)
We've just added some new services for coaches, which are available to registered users.
There's a new "Post / City Statistics" page with very useful information about your Post and City.
You can try this service free for 14 days, just login to your account.
You can now also have more than 5 posts at the same time.
We've also started selling T-Shirts. Press Release (07/24/07)
We've just put out a Press Release.
Get a copy of it here.

New Post Interface (07/18/07)
Wow, it's been two months since the last site news, how time flies...
We've been working hard on some new features and the first one is here.
We just added a new Interface to edit posts with font sizes, types, colors, tables etc...
Try it out, tell us what you think and if you encounter any problems.
We're also working on a Counter / Statistics Report for your post and city, stay tuned...

Certification Type Added (05/18/07)
You can now specify the type of certification you have.
However does not verify this information at this time.
In order to make sure of the accuracy of this information, contact the poster for more details.

Automatic Post Renewal (05/06/07)
Registered users can now "Auto-Renew" posts and not worry about when they expire.
You can find this option next to each post you have in "Manage My Posts".
All posts (without Auto-Renew) expire after 60 days.

We Got a Face Lift (05/05/07)
We made some changes to the look / functionality of the site.
Cities and States / Countries that appear in BOLD have posts in them.
All the pages now appear as directories and not variables to one file (this is to help with Search Engines).

Hyperlink Problems Finally Fixed (04/02/07)
If you had a url or an email in your post (like:, it was
probably not showing up as a Hyperlink (
We have fixed the problem, so all urls should show up as Hyperlinks now.
If you still have problems with it, please let us know.

Site News Added (04/02/07)
We decided to add this page to keep you informed about changes, fixes, and upcoming features.
Check back here from time to time and feel free to let us know if you want to see a feature added....